Spark Capital takes a hands-on approach and provides a comprehensive range of services to cover all investment aspects throughout the entire real estate investment lifecycle. Our operations are focused on four major fields:

Investment Management

We support investors and equity partners throughout the entire transaction process from deal sourcing to deal execution.

Our investment management services include:

We actively source investment opportunities, through our network and market knowledge, that align with our investors’ criteria and objectives.
We conduct thorough underwriting and business planning for each investment opportunity, analyzing financial data, market trends, and growth potential.
We utilize financial modelling to provide investors with additional decision-making tool.
We conduct comprehensive due diligence to evaluate the legal, technical, tax, and environmental aspects of each investment. Our goal is to identify any potential risks, issues, or opportunities associated with the investment and develop appropriate solutions and adjustments to mitigate risks and enhance investment value.
We ensure smooth and efficient transaction execution by managing all aspects of the process. From negotiation and documentation to closing.
We collaborates with legal and tax advisors to design structures that optimize investment financial and operational efficiency to maximize returns.
We have experience in structuring and facilitating joint ventures, club deals, and co-investments. These partnerships provide opportunities for our investors to leverage resources, share risks, and access larger-scale investments.
Investment Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

We provide asset management services to support investors throughout the investment lifecycle.

Our asset management services include:

We oversee the entire investment lifecycle, from acquisition to disposition. We monitor the performance of the investment and identify opportunities for value enhancement.
We actively manage the leasing and renting processes to ensure optimal occupancy and rental income.
We provide CAPEX and Tenant Improvement (TI) Planning – to enhance the value and functionality of the properties.
We provide CAPEX and Tenant Improvement (TI) Planning – to enhance the value and functionality of the properties.
We place a strong emphasis on fostering positive tenant relationships and tenant satisfaction.

Advisory Services

We offer diverse advisory services to support investors in making informed decisions and maximizing their real estate investments.

Our advisory services include:

We work closely with our investors to develop investment strategies that align with their specific goals and risk appetite.
We provide guidance and support to investors seeking to acquire real estate assets. We assist in sourcing, negotiations, contract review and transaction structuring, aiming to secure favorable terms and conditions.
We offer strategic advice and support to maximize the value and efficiency of the sales process.
We provide project management services to oversee the execution of real estate projects on behalf of our investors.
We assist investors in managing their real estate portfolios to optimize performance and achieve diversification goals.
Advisory Services
Financing and Funding

Financing & Funding

We provide financing and funding services to assist investors in obtaining the necessary debt financing for their investment projects.

Our financing & funding services include:

We assist investors in securing financing for the acquisition of real estate properties and negotiate favorable terms.
We provide guidance and support in debt restructuring and refinancing to optimize debt structures. We negotiate with lenders to secure favorable refinancing terms.
In cases where financing requirements exceed the capacity of a single lender, we facilitate syndication arrangements, coordinating the syndication process, ensuring effective communication among lenders.